Prodigy is known as pioneer in crowdfunding for real estate.

In 2009 – after more than 29 projects – Prodigy developed the model crowdfunding in real estate becoming the world’s leading platform in the field. By doing so, Prodigy introduced a way of democratizing investment opportunities for large-scale projects.

How Prodigy started

After successfully representing numerous projects in Miami for sales and marketing, Nino brought Prodigy to Manhattan in 2007 and immediately started working on some of New York’s most iconic projects, including Andre Balazs’ residential condominium, William Beaver House, and the Trump Organization’s ground breaking hotel condominium, Trump SoHo.

A new vision with great success.

Prodigy’s crowdfunding model was developed as a safe and innovative way of giving smaller investors access to large real estate assets. With this model, the company set the world record in crowdfunding by summoning 3,500 investors and raising more than USD200 million in less than two years to fund the tallest building in Colombia, BD Bacata.

Taking the power of the crowd a step further.

Prodigy has also been involved in social iniciatives and campaigns like “Invertir o Gastar” and My Ideal City. This last project is a platform that promises to be a model of urban renovation through inclusion and participation. My Ideal City will take crowdfunding to another level to include the people in the planning of ideal cities.