Our crowdfunding investment model is made possible from the contributions of four different types of participants.

These four participants include the crowd, the developer, a third party fiduciary company and Prodigy Network.

Join the crowd, and invest in something big.

Prodigy Network works with experienced developers to identify opportunities in the real estate market, and create innovative projects worth investing in. Individual investors can then browse through a variety of projects, select the ones they want to invest in, and the crowd is born. Together these individual investors have access to valuable real estate assets that otherwise would not be available to them.

Transparency and the crowd.

An independent company is responsible for ensuring that the crowd’s capital is used only for investment in the selected project. This company also handles the investment’s administration, including accounting and financial reporting, and brings an additional layer of transparency to the transaction.

Your investment and Prodigy’s participation.

Prodigy acts as a principal and managing partner under the supervision of the the third party fiduciary. When developers bring profitable opportunities to Prodigy, we review them to ensure viability as secure investment options for the Crowd.

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