REP — Acronym for Real Estate Participation in specific projects

REP (Real Estate Participation) is the vehicle that allows an individual to invest in our projects as part of the crowd. This term is used to represent the part of  the real estate investment project owned by an individual investor.

The tool that gives access to great real estate opportunities

In simple words, a REP is a way of participating in the financing of an income-producing asset, which otherwise could be financed only by big institutional investor.

A simple example

With REPs, a US$100 million property could be divided into one thousand REPs of US$100 thousand dollars each. Investors can then purchase as many REPs as they want, while enjoying the benefits of an investment that would otherwise only be available to those with the capacity to invest ten million dollars.


Reference to tax efficiency relates only to international investors and may vary depending on the investment. Further details are provided in the offering material for each specific investment.

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