Our investors trust is important to us

At Prodigy Network, we believe great business investments don’t have to be complicated, which is why we allow you to invest in a single asset through a transparent investment experience. Our investors trust is important to us so we use multiple third party fiduciaries to mitigate risk and maximize returns.

Do not be fooled

In most private business investments, developers and fund managers can fool investors with hidden fees and complicated asset pools. Prodigy’s transparency allows you to be aware of risks and also know exactly where your money is and how it is being invested.


The AdvanceAcquisitons campaign

As a foreign investor, your investment will be held in escrow in a secure offshore fund until enough capital has been raised to fund the project. The fiduciary ensures your investment is only used for a fully-funded acquisition. If enough capital hasn’t been raised during the specified fundraising period, the fiduciary will return your investment in its entirety.

Escrow Release & Closing

Once the project has been fully funded, the fiduciary releases the money from escrow and purchases the property. By investing the capital through a designated US corporation, you can realize the benefits of the tax-efficient REP structure.


After acquiring the property, a general contractor preapproved by the fiduciary begins construction. To mitigate risk, the entire construction process is overseen by a third party auditor to ensure that both the construction and funds are properly managed.

Cash Flow Distribution

Once construction is complete, a preselected and approved operator opens the property and rents start coming in. Cash flow from rental income is distributed to investors semi-annually by the fiduciary along with detailed performance reports, so you have a transparent view of how your investment is performing.

It’s that simple

Invest in something you know and understand while being certain that you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips.